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Sharks Can Have Best Friends?! 2 Great Whites Display Incredibly Unique Behavior.

great white shark

Great white sharks are lone predators, ruling the vast oceans in solitude with their fierce presence‚Ķ right? 

Recent discoveries by Ocearch shark researchers have shed light on a surprising aspect of their behavior – a potential social side. In a groundbreaking finding, scientists have observed two great white sharks, Simon and Jekyll, traveling together for over 4,000 miles along the North American coast. 

sharks simon and jekyll

This unusual companionship challenges the long-standing notion of sharks as solitary creatures and raises intriguing questions about their social interactions. 

The journey of Simon and Jekyll, the two great white sharks, began in December 2022 when researchers tagged the two sharks near the southeast coast of the United States. The researchers collected biological samples and equipped them with tracking devices. These tracking devices allowed scientists to monitor their movements as they embarked on an extraordinary journey. 

shark research

Swimming in tandem, these relatively young males made their way north, eventually reaching the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. The consistency of their companionship throughout this arduous journey has astounded researchers and sparked excitement in the scientific community.

White sharks, also known as great white sharks, are well-known as a solitary species. These apex predators have long been regarded as masters of the ocean, patrolling the waters alone. 

However, the companionship exhibited by Simon and Jekyll challenges this perception and opens a new realm of possibilities in our understanding of shark behavior.

great white shark

While sharks forming friendships may seem out of the ordinary, there have been previous observations indicating social interactions among these creatures. 

Ecologist Yannis Papastamatiou from Florida International University has witnessed white sharks “hanging out” together for extended periods at specific sites. He suggests that these groupings may serve various purposes, such as mating, protection against predators, or finding food. 

Additionally, in a study conducted in Australia, researchers found that white sharks congregating around a seal colony tended to spend time with specific individuals within the larger group. These findings hint at a level of social complexity previously unknown in white sharks.

great white shark swimming

The discovery of Simon and Jekyll’s unique bond has intrigued scientists, prompting further investigation into the nature of their friendship. Researchers are particularly interested in determining whether the sharks are siblings, as this could explain their close relationship. Blood samples collected during the tagging process will be analyzed to uncover any familial ties between the two companions. 

The revelation of shark friendships challenges our preconceived notions about the solitary nature of these powerful predators. While there is still much to uncover about the intricacies of shark friendships, this discovery opens new avenues for research and conservation efforts. Sharks, as a whole, have long been misunderstood by humankind, and there is much we still have to learn about these amazing creatures! 

You can follow the movements of Simon and Jekyll using their tracker data below:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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