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4-Yr-Old Becomes Instant BFFs With Chicken And Now They’re Inseparable.

True friendship is a beautiful thing.

Honor Wegge has grown up surrounded by pets of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Her parents run Sycamore Tree Ranch, a nonprofit sanctuary in Springtown, Texas. Unsurprisingly, the 4-year-old loves animals, but there’s one in particular that has captured her heart completely!


Her name is Girl, and she’s a chicken! Even though the farm has more than 100 animal residents, Honor’s mom Koby said her little one and Girl share the closest friendship there.

“We don’t know why these two have become BFFs, but they are now inseparable,” Koby wrote on Instagram. “Each morning as we open the coop, this little chickie runs to her girl, who promptly scoops her up and carries her around, rocks her to sleep on the porch swing … and introduces her to the other sanctuary residents.”

As Honor holds Girl, the hen remains remarkably calm no matter what species she’s interacting with. Koby said she’s the “most easygoing chicken” and even allows Honor to hug her tightly without complaint.


“Toddlers and animals are very food motivated, so that’s probably why they get along,” Koby added with a laugh.

In fact, Honor is so attached to Girl that she gets upset sometimes when Girl wants to hang out with her chicken friends.

“It feels so satisfying to see that my kids are loving animals as much as I do, and to see her nurturing and learning to take care of Girl,” Koby said. “She genuinely loves and pursues a relationship with this chicken. They just have this sweet little innocent relationship.”


These two are just too cute! We love seeing best friends in action, and this precious pair really makes our heart sing.

Watch Honor have a great time with Girl in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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