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Homeowners Discover Time Capsule In Ceiling — Turns Out, It’s Nearly 110 Yrs Old!

A time capsule with items like newspapers and a cast iron pan laid out.

A homeowner in Grand Rapids, Michigan, found the best kind of surprise in his bathroom ceiling: a 100-year-old time capsule! When Jesse Leitch hired someone to fix his heater, he never expected them to find hidden souvenirs from the past. These items included a very small cast iron pan and some old newspapers from 1915. Jesse and his family were thrilled by the discovery!

According to WZZM, these items weren’t stored in any specific way, but were simply found lying loose. This makes it all the more incredible that this time capsule from the 1910s was still in such good condition.

“Just basically as they were cutting into the ceiling above the bathroom — it wasn’t in a box, it was just all this stuff kind of set in a pile basically,” the homeowner said.

This resident is thinking about leaving a time capsule of his own!

A Michigan man in a baseball cap smiles.
Screengrab from YouTube

Jesse found the unexpected time capsule in his ceiling very exciting. In fact, it actually inspired him to do something he’d been wanting to do for some time.

“Because, you know, I’ve always kind of thought about doing stuff like that, you know, if we renovate the place, leave something on the wall for the next guy,” he said. “I knew this place was built in 1910. And so it’s just a really old building and made me think about, you know, obviously, some some kid living here thought thought this stuff was important to stick around for the next guy.” 

A time capsule with items like newspapers and a cast iron pan laid out.
Screengrab from YouTube

As for what the Michigan resident plans to do with the time capsule items, he might try to use them.

“With a cast iron pan, I think we want to clean the rust out of it and try like cooking some tiny, tiny food with it and see how that works. Cook over a tea light,” Jesse said.

We’re wishing him the best of luck with that endeavor! Hopefully, this homeowner will also leave a time capsule for future generations to find.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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