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Homeless Woman Cares For 7-Yr-Old When Grandfather Abandons Her To Drink At Bar

Lauren Jope, who is homeless, isn’t that surprised when a stranger offers her $20. What does leave her speechless, however, is the fact that this grandpa leaves his kid with her to go to a bar. This shocking moment took place in Sacramento, California as Lauren was walking down the street. At the time the stranger spotted her, she was near a parking lot that contains a bar. There was also a thrift store nearby.

According to Lauren, the man asked if she could go into the thrift store to buy his “daughter” a pair of shorts. Meanwhile, he planned to be at the bar. Afraid for the young girl’s safety, this selfless woman agreed to take care of her.

@abc7newsbayarea A California man was arrested Monday on suspicion of child endangerment after leaving his granddaughter with a homeless woman to go to a bar. The 54-year-old told deputies he gave a homeless woman $20 to take his 7-year-old granddaughter to a thrift store while he went to a bar for about four hours. #california #ca #granddaughter #grandchild #grandparent #grandpa #grandfather #homeless #drinking #bar #news #fyp #foryoupage #abc7news ♬ original sound – ABC7 News

After a while, it was clear to Lauren that the child’s grandfather, Jason Warren, was too intoxicated to care for her. In turn, she took the girl to her camp for some food. As they were walking back, a helicopter circled them, commanding Lauren to get on the ground.

Turns out, Jason had called the police. He was highly intoxicated at that point, claiming that someone had kidnapped his granddaughter for human trafficking. Luckily, deputies were able to confirm that this was not the case.

Exterior view of a bar called The Cinders.

When a Grandpa Leaves His “Kid” to Drink at a Bar, This Homeless Woman Steps Up

They were able to confirm Lauren didn’t kidnap her, in part, because the little girl confirmed the woman’s story. Plus, the 7-year-old wasn’t in any distress and was cleared medically, just to be safe.

A homeless woman, Lauren Jope, speaks with local news about the grandpa she encountered who leaves his grandkid for a bar.

This sweet child is under the care of her aunt who had tasked Jason with watching her while she was at work. Now, he’s been arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. Needless to say, this has been a tough time for this family. Even still, they must be oh-so grateful that Lauren was there to help. That’s certainly how she feels.

“I’m glad I was walking when I was cause you know she could have been left with some, some man or you know someone who doesn’t want to watch her. Someone that doesn’t really care,” Lauren says.

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