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They Had Heard That This Homeless Man Could Sing, And When He Stepped Up To The Mic Their Jaws Dropped.

man singing inspiring song

For years, Doug Seegers was homeless, living on the streets of Nashville. But one fateful day in March of 2014 changed everything.

A singer named Jill Johnson decided to launch a reality TV show in which she and some Swedish friends of hers explored Nashville. One day while shooting, they heard about a homeless singer with “the most unique voice in country music.”  That man was Seegers. Johnson and the Swedes tracked Seegers down, and together recorded Seegers’s original song, “Going Down to the River.” The song was an immediate hit.

“Going Down to the River” skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes, and Sweegers went from an unknown busker in Nashville to a household name in Sweden. He released a debut album, also titled “Going Down to the River,” which went platinum! He toured in Sweden and his concerts sold out every night.

His Facebook account refers to his story as “the Doug Seegers fairy tale… A Cinderella story with all the classic ingredients and almost too good to be true. But the hobo-turned-into-star is the truth and nothing but the truth… No less amazing is how Seegers handled his new found fame. How he emerged as a professional, experienced artist… like it was all he ever done in his whole life. Everybody working close to him, constantly have to remind themselves that less than 3 years ago, Seegers was living under a bridge, battling addiction and playing his music on the streets to survive.”

Check out the amazing video below that literally changed this man’s entire life! Share Doug’s incredible story today.


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