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Family’s Taylor Swift Parody Hilariously Nails Struggle Of Assembling IKEA Furniture.

holderness family parody taylor swift

We’ve all been there. We’ve ordered a piece of furniture from a box store like IKEA because it’s inexpensive and we think “I can put that together, no problem!” only to discover that putting it together is, in fact, a big problem.

The Holderness Family (who found internet fame thanks to their Christmas Jammies) also knows the pain of putting together that inexpensive piece of furniture, and the toll it takes on a marriage. So, they created a hilarious video about it set to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”


The parody really manages to touch every pain point of purchasing and assembling furniture like this. Penn Holderness and his wife Kim set off on a car ride to the nearest IKEA (which isn’t close, after all, so the money they saved on the furniture is spent on gas for the car) where they find that perfect piece that’s packed tightly in a box.

Things are looking good and they’re excited to put the furniture together. They haven’t started assembling so things are still peachy. Then, they open the box to see all the pieces along with the 20-page instruction book that has no words, only poorly drawn cartoon pictures.


There’s no turning back at this point, though, because how could they ever get all of the materials back into that tiny box to return it even if they wanted to?! So, Penn and Kim press on, determined to defeat the challenge before them.

It doesn’t take long for them to start arguing. They put the pieces in the wrong place, so they have to start all over (been there!). Eventually, Kim gives up entirely and sits in a chair on Instagram as Penn continues to work diligently (been there, too!).


At this point, they’ve put in a lot of time building this piece of furniture, and somehow there is still more to be done. All in the name of saving a little bit of money. There’s a reason people say putting together a piece of IKEA furniture is a good test of how strong a relationship is. It’s a very high-stress situation.


By the end of the video, the furniture is still not complete. Penn painstakingly sings, “We are never ever, ever putting this together,” as his kids do what kids always do — play with the box and packing materials that the furniture came in.


We may not all be able to relate to Taylor Swift’s original song, but the Holderness Family’s parody is one that everyone can feel to their core.

Watch the hilarious music video below and be sure to share it with all of your IKEA-loving friends!

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