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colorblind firefighter

Firefighter Sees Colors Of American Flag For 1st Time & Breaks Down In Sweet Video.

Throughout his 21 years, Spencer Caradine has never been able to fully appreciate the beauty of the American flag. But the Douglas County, Georgia, firefighter didn’t even know he was missing out on anything until just recently.

It was during a hike that Spencer’s coworker, Jordan Gardner, first suspected something was wrong. He pointed out something red in the distance, but Spencer couldn’t see it. Jordan suspected he might be colorblind, and a test confirmed it: Spencer suffers from red-green colorblindness.

firefighter spencer caradine

Since then, Jordan says Spencer has been dying to see the colors of the flag. So Jordan and other firefighters secretly teamed up to make it happen. They all pitched in for a pair of EnChroma glasses, which help broaden the color spectrum for wearers. Then, they invited Spencer to a 4th of July get-together, where they surprised him with the gift of color.

enchroma glasses gift

Outside, Spencer placed the special glasses over his eyes and was immediately overcome with emotion. What he saw left him speechless.

firefighter sees color

His co-workers had draped a flag over a nearby fire truck, and as Spencer took in the red, white, and blues, it was all he could do to stare and grin before hugging Jordan.

firefighter sees color

“It was so much different from what I’ve ever seen,” Spencer said, describing the experience as insane, crazy, and simply mind-blowing. “It was more beautiful.”

firefighter sees color

With a whole new colorful world to explore, Jordan knew just the place to start: a baseball game. Spencer watched, transfixed as fireworks lit up the sky with their dazzling colors. His favorite? The red ones.

“He got emotional, I got emotional, and by the time it was over the entire section we were sitting in realized what was happening and there were about a hundred people crying,” Jordan wrote. “This has been the most incredible, humbling experience of my life and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!”

spencer watches fireworks

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