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While Other Dogs Bark, Owner Catches Goofy Husky Yelling Like A Human In Hysterical Video.

With their icy blue eyes and thick, plush coats, Siberian huskies are a distinctive breed, and that’s just based on appearances. Add their playful nature, slick disappearing acts and entertaining mishmash of howls, mutters, moans and groans into the mix and you’ve got a standard model husky. But the one featured in the video below further distinguishes himself with a truly unique vocalization.

“When other dogs are taken out to the park, they bark as a means of chatting with each other and filling each other in on all their news,”reads the caption of the YouTube video below. “Erin’s husky, however, isn’t content to simply bark when he can yell. Hear him go!â€


“Normal dogs: ‘Woof! Woof!’ That One Dog: ‘AAAAAAAAA’ ”one viewer commented.

“I am a dog owner, and my dog makes a peerless range of noises, hilarious and otherwise… yet I’ve never heard it as prolonged and enunciated as this,”wrote another.


Can you imagine drivers’ reactions when they hear this sustained yelling in the distance as he’s on his way to the park? If it were me, I’d immediately pull over to the side of the road, thinking an ambulance with a defective siren was closing in. Check it out below!

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