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Elderly Couple Shows Up Young People At Dance Competition, Steals Spotlight With Rockin’ Routine.

There is something truly beautiful about being active at every stage of life. When we are children climbing trees and chasing each other around a park, there is a thick cloud of magic and imagination that finds itself seeping into the minds of even the adults – the energy of children is contagious! As young adults we are given an enormous amount of strength and endurance that propels us to live crazy active lifestyles; from running marathons to performing on a stage four times in a weekend, we can do it all when we are young and wake up the next morning with renewed energy to tackle the next obstacle.

But, as we grow older, our bodies take a turn, and moving around doesn’t happen quite the same way that it used to. Our muscles may not warm up as easily and we wake up the next morning feeling a little more tired than when we were younger. Now, more than ever, it is important to push through these obstacles and keep an active lifestyle. Not only will our bodies thank us, but our lives will be filled with more energy and joy because of the release of endorphins that exercise causes.


In a video recently posted on Facebook, one couple proves that staying active and energetic is not just for the young.

The video is of Dietmar Ehrentraut, age 70, and his wife, Nellia, age 64. The Austrian couple tears up the dance floor at a dance competition in Bavaria, Germany… and their moves prove age is just a number!

As they twist and turn around the dance floor, it becomes very apparent that they are going all out for this dance competition. Performing several swing dancing partner dips and lifts, the couple earns loud cheers from the crowd– and how could you not clap for this incredible duo? It is truly inspiring to see that age is not enough to stop these two from doing something they obviously love.


Watch the video below to find your motivation for staying active, and share!

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