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Hilarious Design Fails That’ll Make You Say “What Were They Thinking?!”

Design Fails are everywhere. We found some of the best ones.

3. You Know They’re Hiding Somewhere Nearby

Image shows a stop sign covered by a shrub so it is barely visible. This design fail is a trap waiting to catch people who miss the hidden sign.
Image from Reddit.

The barely visible yellow line and the edge of the stop sign are a trap waiting to be sprung. We’re wondering where the police are hiding because you know they are close!

4. You Can See This Design Fail In Her Eyes

A poorly thought-out bus skin moves the eyes of the model when the bus windows are open.
Image from Reddit.

Whoever came up with this design fail had no idea that windows on a bus could open. We’re sure the model is beautiful, but she appears a little discombobulated at the moment.

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