Hilarious Clip Shows Mail Carrier Escorted Through Neighborhood By Turkeys.

Turkeys follow a mail carrier along their route.

One mail carrier attracted some unexpected helpers along their delivery route — a trio of turkeys! A woman on TikTok recently shared the most hilarious video of her local postal worker being followed by a group of these curious birds. Although they were getting quite up close and personal, the mail carrier didn’t seem concerned about the turkey entourage. Their calm reaction was actually pretty impressive!

“I give our mail carrier props,” wrote the TikToker in her clip. “Completely unbothered by the city turkeys.”


If you haven’t seen it. Now you have 😂 #fyp

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This footage has gone viral online, reaching over 1 million views. Commenters thought the mail carrier’s turkey fan club was just too funny!

“They’ve been anxiously tracking their Amazon package for 3 days now,” one user joked.

“Well that’s a strange Disney princess, but I’ll allow it,” said another.

Turkeys follow a mail carrier along their route.
Screengrab from TikTok

While the turkeys in this video seem pretty harmless, it’s a good thing the mail carrier didn’t get on their bad side. Other postal workers have unfortunately seen a more aggressive side to these birds!


Had to share this cinematic masterpiece by @graceeanthony. Wonder how this person is holding up. #boston #cambridge #turkey #wildlife #outnumbered #usps #newengland

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Usually, mail carriers have to watch out for local dogs, but these videos show that turkeys can also be a problem. If you live in an area where these birds are prevalent, make sure to keep an eye out next time you’re walking around your neighborhood!

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