Hilarious Baby Names: “What Bacteria Would You Name A Child After?”

Med students suggest bacteria names for babies.

There are some pretty weird baby names out there, but have you ever thought of naming a child after bacteria? Yeah, neither have we. However, in a hilarious Instagram video from Dell Medical School in Texas, students were asked to answer an unusual question. If they were planning to name their kid after bacteria, which one would they choose?

What will surprise you most about this video is just how many bacteria actually have pretty pleasant-sounding handles! Here are the pathogenic baby names these med students suggested.

1. Are you sure that’s not an actual baby name?

A man suggests Francisella as a baby name.
Screengrab from Instagram

If you told us that this was a variation of “Francesca,” we’d probably believe you. As far as bacteria names go, this one is a solid choice!

2. It’s a little more out there, but still plausible.

A woman in a yellow sweater says, "I like Neisseria."
Screengrab from Instagram

It’s a pretty big name for a baby, but they could grow into it! We could totally see a glamorous woman pulling off “Neisseria.”

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