Hero Mother Snaps Into Action After Man Jumps From Out Of Nowhere And Tries To Abduct Her Daughter

mother hero

A mother is being hailed as a hero after she risked her life to save her daughter from an abduction.

Surveillance footage of the incident has gone viral because it shows the mother snapping in action and defending her 18-year-old daughter without a second thought.

The man attacked as the daughter was returning home to her apartment after walking her dog. The teen removed the leash from her dog and seemed to be completely unaware that someone had been following her. Just as she was reaching for the doorknob, the masked attacker jumped from the stairwell and grabbed her.

The daughter screamed and tried to fight out of the man’s arms. All of a sudden, the mother came out of the apartment not yet aware of what was happening. She found the dog alone and checked him then saw her daughter fighting in the stairwell.

The mother, Adriana Alvarez, told FOX 5 New York that the man, George Vassiliou, was a former co-worker of her daughter, Lex. The two had worked at a grocery store, but management fired George for stalking Lex. Lex had a restraining order against him, and she’d called the police on him twice.

The hero mother was able to stop George from kidnapping her daughter. Most of the fight took place off camera, and Adriana suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured orbital bone.

“My first instinct was to pull her and grab her back,” she said. “As soon as I did that, he used pepper spray. He was pepper spraying me, and he used that time while my eyes were closed to punch me. To hurt me. To keep grabbing her and take her.”

Fortunately, a neighbor heard screaming outside his door and he was able to help Adriana and hold the attacker down until police came. Adriana spent several days in a hospital, but she is doing well today. Police are holding George on bond for $50,000.

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