Security Camera Catches Heart-Stopping Moment Gas Station Clerk Stops Kidnapping.

What would you do if confronted with a dangerous and armed criminal? It’s impossible to say without being in a situation like that, but one brave gas station clerk just showed the world exactly what he’s made of.

In a surreal viral video, a 25-year-old gas station employee named Manveer Komer spots a kidnapping in progress and decides to do the unthinkable.


Footage of the incident shows a man and woman entering a convenience store. While nothing seems out of the ordinary at first, it turns out that the man had actually carjacked the woman, a doctor, earlier that day. He was armed and she was forced to cooperate as he took her to several ATM machines around town to withdraw cash.


When the pair got to Manveer’s gas station, the man used the victim’s credit card to buy cigarettes.

Manveer noticed the woman shaking and, sensing something was very wrong, decided to take action. As the two were leaving the gas station, he physically put himself in front of the woman, preventing her from following her captor.


Manveer told her, “You come [stand] behind my back. I’ll help you. No problem.”

He even challenged the man, telling him to give the woman back her car keys and phone, risking his life to help a complete stranger.


As for the kidnapper, he fled the scene in the woman’s car, but it’s a good thing he didn’t give back the woman’s phone. Police were able to track it, eventually capturing him. He has since been charged with multiple offenses.

flees scene

There’s no telling what might have happened had it not been for this brave gas station clerk. To learn the full details of this remarkable story, watch the video below.

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