Hero Crane Operator Saves Man From Burning High-Rise.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up of a crane in the midst of smoke. The second photo shows Glen Edwards, the heroic crane operator, talking.

Being a crane operator is no easy task, especially when you’re working with massive buildings. Thankfully, there are folks like Glen Edwards — he’s been a successful crane operator for the past 30 years. Still, even this seasoned professional felt out of his element when a fire recently broke out at a construction site.


When fire alarms went off, Glen prepared to flee for safety, only to notice someone stuck on a roof of the burning high-rise, waving their coat around to signal for help. He then received a radio call, prompting him to take swift action to rescue the man.

View from a distance of the building that crane operator Glen Edwards rescued a man from. Text on the image show the distance from Glen Driver and the ground, which was 90 meters. It also shows the distance of the trapped construction worker and the ground which was 45 meters. Smoke is billowing from the side of the building.

Burning High-Rise Out of View

All of the smoke from the flames threatened to make Glen’s job impossible. But with the help of those who did have a better view, he was able to navigate the crane to where the trapped man could escape. As you can imagine, Glen says his adrenaline was “through the roof.”

“When I landed the rescue cradle — as he just touched down — I could feel the weight,” Glen recalled. “I could hear the crowd, but I couldn’t see him, I was 100% blind.”

Close up view of a crane being used to lift a man form a burning building, smoke rising in the air.

Once Glen got the man to safety, the celebrations began. But after the stress from such a high-anxiety situation, he needed a moment to himself.

“[Then] I landed him on the ground safely,” he shared. “I had a job to stand up after, put it that way. I was really shaken, I needed a quiet minute to get myself together.”

Crane Operator Hailed a Hero

Since then, Glen has become known as a hero. He’s surprised by how big the story about him has gotten, insisting that he isn’t the only one who deserves recognition for the rescue.

“I got a bit emotional watching it [a video of the rescue], it was something else,” Glen said. “I know I got the guy out, but it just wasn’t all about me.”

Glen Edwards talking on Good Morning Britain.

Still, others are insistent on the fact that Glen has earned every bit of praise he’s getting for his brave actions.

“If he had been any longer, it would have been a very different ending,” a fellow construction worker said.

Thank you, Glen, for your swift, life-saving actions! Watch the crane operator save the man from a burning building in the video below.

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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