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Homeless Man Dazzles Crowd With Saxophone, Then Starts To Sing Beatles Classic.

Growing up, Herbie Russ, 54, went in and out of homelessness and drug abuse. He was a gifted saxophonist and talented singer, but he threw opportunities away for drugs and was arrested on multiple occasions.

One day, he eventually turned to God, and got on his feet. He worked on his music career, booking gigs in Detroit and donating a portion of his earnings to local homeless shelters. And last year, in 2017, he had the chance to compete on America’s Got Talent.


In the video below, Herbie takes to the giant stage, carrying his saxophone. He announces that he will be performing “With A Little Help From My Friends,”before breaking into a gorgeous saxophone solo.

Although I don’t know much about the saxophone, I can tell Herbie is deeply gifted at it.


He then begins to sing the song, and his voice billows out in a warm, raspy flood, hitting the highest of high notes and the lowest of low notes. Its quality is like sonic sandpaper, but the grittiness compliments his range.


After another saxophone solo and a truly impressive ending to the song, the audience breaks into a fierce firestorm of claps.

“Everything that you’ve been through in your life, you allowed that to live on stage, and that was absolutely incredible. Congratulations,”says Laverne Cox.

“You just sing with so much passion and soul, Oh my gosh! You’ve just got it,”adds Mel B.


Watch his incredible performance below and be prepared to break out in amazed chills.

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