“He Didn’t Have Much Time Left.” Woman Frees Baby Fox Caught In Sticky Situation.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of a baby fox with his head trapped in a peanut butter jar. on the right there is a picture of the baby fox freed from the jar.

There are moments in life when trouble knocks on our door, and our only choice is to answer the call.


Jenny Adleman was used to seeing a family of foxes that were living under her back deck in San Francisco, California. She’d seen the gray mama fox and her babies almost daily, but one day one of the babies looked a little bit different.

The young fox had apparently been scavenging some garbage in the neighborhood, and his head was stuck inside of a glass peanut butter jar. Without being able to eat or drink, Jenny knew the fox was on borrowed time. The trouble was that every time she tried to grab him to help pry off the jar, the little guy would wriggle out of reach and slip back underneath her deck, out of reach.

“He was just too fast,” Jenny wrote on a short video she made of the rescue attempts.

She tried humane traps, blankets, and just plain grabbing him with her hands for three long days and nights, but nothing seemed to do the trick. Finally, she borrowed a net, and voilà!

Jenny was able to snag the baby fox in her net. She put him in a cage to catch his breath, gave him food and water, and let him rest for about six hours. Once she spotted the mother fox nearby, she knew it was time to release him back into the wild.

As she watched the fox scamper off into the woods with his family, Jenny decided to share the video online to remind people to take care of their trash to avoid hurting wildlife and causing stress to animal lovers like her.

“Please remember to put the lid back on jar before disposing of them in the trash,” she wrote. “Watch the entire ordeal in my story highlights. This reel doesn’t fully capture the day by day drama.”

We’re so glad Jenny was able to capture this fox and free him! What a terrible way to go. We’ll take her warning about securing our garbage to heart!

Watch the whole dramatic rescue below, and don’t forget to share.

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