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“Pure Love, Those Two.” Senior Cats Come Full Circle When Rehomed A 2nd Time.

two cats cuddling as the sleep in a leopard print bed.

When our lives get turned upside down, it can be all the more challenging to make already difficult decisions.

While it can be easy to assume the worst when someone chooses to give up their pet, there’s often much more to the story than we think. For an Oregon woman, this heartbreaking choice came from love.

two cats cuddling as the sleep in a leopard print bed.
Pexels (Not actual image of Penny and Lucy)

Still, it wasn’t easy choosing to let her cats, Penny and Lucy, go, and she was determined to help make sure they went to the best, most loving home possible. And with the help of The Pongo Fund, these sweet kitties got the best happily-ever-after she could have ever dreamed for them.

part one of three of a facebook post from the pongo fund that reads "She asked us to rehome her cats ASAP. Both of them 12 years old, she’d had them 10 years. Said she needed to travel and do some things she hadn’t been able to do for the past ten years, not being able to travel and take care of her cats at the same time. Hard as it was, it was time to let them go. 
She didn’t want to go anywhere exotic. No summer in France or finding herself in Kathmandu. Not Belize or Cancun or even Vegas or Palm Desert. She just wanted to see her Mom again. Old friends and family too. Back to where she came from. That was her calling. And anything else she could do this next year or two. 
Giving up her cats wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was cancer. And one year, maybe two; that’s what her oncologist told her. If there were things she wanted to do, this was the time. 
She adopted Penny and Lucy from The Pongo Fund a decade ago when a wonderful woman had her world turned upside down. She lost her home, her marriage. Everything stopped all at once. She loved her cats so much that she asked us to find them a new Mom. And we did. 
Now, the wonderful woman who welcomed those kitty friends ten years ago needed us to return the favor so someone else could welcome them. 
This woman, she didn’t want to let them go. But it was for their own good, not hers. Same thing the first woman said. Imagine loving someone that much, that you need to let them go. 
Penny and Lucy. Pure love, those two."
part two of three of a facebook post from the pongo fund that reads "She told us if possible, she’d like to meet the person we chose for the adoption. She just wanted them to know that Penny and Lucy were the best ever. She wanted them to go with all of their toys and beds and food and treats. And she wanted the new person to know that sometimes Lucy got an upset tummy and how Mom would put her on her lap and lay her on her back and rub it while she sang to her. 
Maybe she’ll never get an upset tummy again, but if she does, at least Lucy’s new family would know what to do. Her only request was that they stay together, these two sweet older girls who each had their own bed but most often ended up in the same one.
She wanted to make sure we didn’t think poorly of her for what she was doing. She just knew that at some point soon, they were going to have a new family whether she liked it or not. If she could do it now and meet those people, she would feel better about it.
We knew how hard this was for her, because she was the one who was there ten years ago when Penny and Lucy had nowhere else to go. She said yes back then, and now, she was asking someone else to say yes.
Finding a new home for two cats is not easy. For two senior cats, even harder. But we had one card to play, and we played it then. 
We called a woman who used to live in the Portland area but moved away several years ago. She used to have two cats but needed to give them up when her life turned upside down. She bounced back in a new place a few states away. New job. New life.
But always following The Pongo Fund on Facebook and cheering us on with love and kind words. 
We thought maybe she would welcome two senior cats.
Because ten years ago, she was the one who needed to let them go, Penny and Lucy."

Life doesn’t always go according to our plans. In fact, it seems that it rarely does. But just as the case is with Penny, Lucy, and the two women who love them most, that’s not always a totally bad thing.

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