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Need A Little Chaos In Your Life? Look No Further Than These Farm Animals!

We can’t all live on a farm, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the hilarious antics of the animals who do.

Luckily for us, Hayden Kristal shares her uniquely-named animals’ shenanigans on TikTok. It appears that everyone’s middle name is Elizabeth these days, and every creature is a criminal – except maybe Pickle. Either way, we couldn’t be more in love!

1. Donkey Elizabeth Devito! You’re in deep trouble!

@haydenkristal Donkeys are chaotic toddlers #donkey #farm #farmlife ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

2. Behold, the angelic Pickle in question.

@haydenkristal Reply to @im.kind.of.a.big.dill Pickle is a literal angel sent from heaven to scream at me â¤ï¸ #donkey #farmlife #farm ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

3. In the words of the estimable Britney Spears, “Mama I’m in love with a criminal.”

@haydenkristal Reply to @jenniferbthiele (Chicken Elizabeth Nugget’s version) #horse #horses #horsesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

4. Is this a horse? No, it’s Squidward!

@haydenkristal Reply to @camrynbertrand no I’m pretty committed at this point #horse #horses #farmlife #farm #horsesoftiktok #equestrian ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

5. “Cheese, if your head gets stuck I’m not calling the fire department.”

@haydenkristal Cheese, if your head gets stuck I’m not calling the fire department #horse #horses #farmlife ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

6. Chicken Nugget takes wearing a face mask very seriously.

@haydenkristal Criminal mastermind Chicken Nugget #horse #horses #truecrime #equestrian #farmlife ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

7. “Squidward LOVES the water, I’ve literally never seen a horse do this before.”

@haydenkristal yes she is the horse from tumblr #horse #horses #equestrian #funnyanimals #NBCAnnieLive #MyAncestryStory #horsegirl #farm ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

8. It’s OK, Pickle, we don’t like it when our favorite people leave, either!

@haydenkristal The saddest weesnaws in the west 🙁 #farm #farmlife #CowboyBebop #donkey #horse #horsegirl #horses #petsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Hayden Kristal

That’s it, we’re packing our bags and moving to a mini farm. Although we’re not sure if we’d be lucky enough to find animals with so much personality. After all, there can only be one Squidward the horse!

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