Meet Bounty, The Adventurous Cat Who Loves Climbing Mountains With His Human.

a black cat named bounty sitting in front of a bicycle with lots of equipment

A mere four months ago, a black cat named Bounty had no idea just how adventurous his life was about to become.

Although the feline was originally destined for a cat sanctuary, Doina Muravschi swooped in and adopted him just in time. To some, Doina being an avid traveler would seem like a potential issue, but it turns out, these two were made for each other.

Excited for their journey to begin, Doina gathered all of the equipment, treats, and other necessities that the two of them would need. Though, when it came to carriers for Bounty, she had to get a bit creative.

“I handmade a special pouch for him, because cat carriers are not adapted to certain journeys,” she said.

One of their first adventures included a cycling tour of Italy, the first test that would help them discover how accustomed he was to an adventurous lifestyle.

“At the start Bounty was a little agitated, but after the first few days started to enjoy himself,” Doina said. “While I peddled, he slept in the carrier.”

Since that first cycling tour, Bounty and Doina have gone on several more adventures in their short time together, including mountaineering and camping.

In fact, this adorable feline has already managed to become a record breaker! He is presumed to be the first house cat to summit La Grignetta, a 7,100-foot mountain in the Italian Alps. Best of all, he did so “without even a meow of protest.”

“Together we’ve already gone on trips of more than a month,” she said, “last autumn, when we went from Ballabio to Matera by bike.”

In other words, the two of them cycled the entire length of the Italian peninsula!

If you’d like to keep up with this adorable duo, you’re in luck! They have their own Facebook page where Doina documents their travels with lots of updates, photos, and videos for their 800+ followers to enjoy.

“My goal is to make people understand that cats don’t necessarily have to stay at home on the sofa,” she said. “They can be great travel lovers, you just need to know how to take them.”

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