“Having To Watch Someone You Love Die This Way Is The Most Awful Thing Possible.” Sister’s Terminal Brain Cancer Spurs Movement For Awareness.

A young woman hugging her older sister.

Gracie Nuttall is honoring her older sister, who passed away from brain cancer, in the most beautiful way: by sharing her story. In a touching TikTok video, the young woman recalls how her sister Laura Nuttall was only 18 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Doctors believed that, even with treatment, the teenager would only last another year. Laura knew that she wanted to make that time count, so her family started helping her check off her bucket list.

A smiling sister with dark blonde hair before she was diagnosed with brain cancer
Screengrab from Gracie Nuttall/TikTok

Thanks to her persistence and the support of her loved ones, Laura was able to meet some of her favorite celebrities. She also got to hold her baby cousin, Alice, who was born a year after the teenager’s diagnosis. One of her biggest accomplishments, though, was graduating college in 2022.

However, Laura wasn’t just focused on herself. She was also dedicated to spreading awareness about brain cancer and raising money for a cure. On behalf of The Brain Tumour Charity, she marched in the Manchester Pride Parade. She even received an award from the organization the following year!

A crowd of people marching in a pride parade, including this woman's sister who has since died of brain cancer
Screengrab from Gracie Nuttall/TikTok

Near the end of 2022, Laura’s health took a turn for the worse. Her family moved their Christmas plans to November in case she didn’t make it another month. However, the young woman held on for several more months, passing away on May 22, 2023. This was over 4 years longer than doctors initially expected.

Now, Gracie is passionate about continuing her sister’s legacy and educating others about brain cancer and highlighting how little funding is allocated to research.

“This disease is beyond cruel, having to watch someone you love die this way is the most awful thing possible,” she wrote in her video. “We need to do more to find a cure.”

A young woman hugging her older sister.
Screengrab from Gracie Nuttall/TikTok

If you want to learn more about Laura’s story and how you can get involved, you can visit Doing It For Laura.

You can watch Gracie’s touching tribute to her big sister in this video.

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