Adorable Double Date: Parents Chaperone Their 7-Yr-Olds For The Cutest Night Out.

A little girl with curly hair leans over and whispers to a little boy, her hand raised to hide her mouth. The little boy smiles as he listens closely.

Restaurant servers are bound to meet all sorts of interesting folks. This has certainly been the experience of the server in this story. After a decade in this industry, they were happy to share the most heartwarming experience they’ve ever had at work. It took place where they currently work, which is at an upscale restaurant. During their shift, a hostess let them know they’d be double seating them.


Turns out, two parents wanted to be sat near their kids who were on a date — this request was made so the “parents wouldn’t embarrass them.” For many reasons, the server assumed the kiddos would be teens but they were quickly, and delightfully, surprised to be wrong.

I went to the parent's table first to make sure we were all on the same page, and they told me the kids could order whatever they want and then I turned to go to the kid's and tonight is homecoming in my town, so I assumed it was going to be high schoolers, but I walked up to these two 7 year old kids just sitting at a high top. They had kid menus and were just giggling away, their feet dangling like crazy.

I asked if I could get them something to drink. The little boy was like "After her!" I asked if I could get any appetizers started for them, and the boy ordered Mussels. Like wine broth, shallots, PEI Mussels. And a side of toast, for the broth. They ate every single piece. When I asked them how it was, the girl told me she had never had mussels before in her WHOLE LIFE and he convinced her to try them and she loved them. And he was just beaming.

When the server complimented the parents on how cute and mature their little ones are, they shared more details on the adorable couple. Turns out, the two of them have lived on the same street their entire lives and have always had a crush on each other.

Fittingly, this adorable match both ate chicken tenders and fries for dinner. They also shared a crème brûlée. Then, to top it all off, they toasted with glasses of zero-proof champagne (sparkling grape juice) with little strawberries on the rims.

They joked with the food runner. They complimented my service. They ate every bite of everything, and drank every bit of that sparkling grape juice. They conversed the whole time, and giggled. I got talking with one of the moms as they were cashing out about it. How you would think having a crush on each other would make them shy, but the conversation was literally nonstop. 

And it was the cutest thing.

The server wasn’t the only one whose night was made by this adorable date. At the table next to them was a couple in their 50s. They had already finished their meals when the kids got their mussels but, soon after, they asked the server if they could return to their table.

They enjoyed listening to the kids so much that they wanted to stay — and so they did, with another round of appetizers, dessert, and coffees.

A little girl with curly hair leans over and whispers to a little boy, her hand raised to hide her mouth. The little boy smiles as he listens closely.
saeed karimi/Unsplash

“And it just made my night,” the server wrote.

If these kiddos end up getting married, what a special memory this will be for them and their families!

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