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Husband & Wife Swing Dancing Couple Wows Crowd With Silky Smooth 1950’s Routine.

Swing dancing has come a long way since its origins in 1920s Harlem, and venues around the world now host events to celebrate a nearly 100-year-old dance style.

Couples from across Europe, for example, attend the yearly Happy Stomp Festival to engage in some friendly competition. But maybe more importantly, they get to pick up pointers from some of the best teachers and swing bands the continent has to offer.

henric and joanna2

Henric and Joanna Stillman are a married couple who dance professionally, and they’ve taught in some of the biggest cities across the globe, such as Singapore, Perth, Hong Kong and Paris. It’s pretty easy to win the admiration of students who’re just starting out, but winning over a crowd of seasoned veterans with a crowd-pleasing performance is something else altogether.

That’s exactly what they did at the Happy Stomp Festival 2016, which was held in Granada, southern Spain. They’ve both been dancing since they were kids, teamed up in 1997, then joined the ranks of the Swedish national team just two years later! In the years since, they’ve won the Swedish championships and a world Lindy Hop championship, and as long as they continue dancing, we’re sure the titles will keep rolling in.

henric and joanna happy stomp 2016

Fortunately for the attendees that year, they were one of the featured pairs who got to show their stuff, and boy, did they take that opportunity to heart. They twist, turn, swing and twirl throughout the more than two-minute, fast-paced performance, moving so fast you have to wonder how they find time in there to breathe!

henric and joanna dancing

The entire dance is impressive enough, but they added an especially nice touch near the end, when Henric twirls his partner an arm’s length away, then pulls her back in and flips her like so:


And then they jump right back into twisting and twirling and jiggling, without missing a single beat. Trust us, just watching this fancy-footed couple is enough to put a big grin on your face!

Watch them go in the video below, and remember to share to brighten someone’s day.

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