Bride’s Father & Guests Surprise Newlyweds With Epic “Les Mis” Flash Mob.

It’s not uncommon for a wedding speech to make you laugh or cry, but have you ever given one a standing ovation? That’s a bit more far-fetched, right? Well, not when it comes to Charlie and Patrina’s extravagant affair.

Bride Patrina and groom Charlie met in their high school choir and remained friends “all the way through college… Even though it was as friends, and we didn’t see each other in that way yet, from the beginning we enjoyed each other’s time and made a point to see each other.”

Then one day it all changed…


The couple’s wedding was beautiful and what they had always dreamed of – things were going smoothly until Patrina’s dad took the mic. After his heartfelt traditional speech, he “turned around, passed off his notes and said, ‘Now that was part one, and now we can talk about part two.'”

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That’s when he launched into a story. Several months before the wedding, while the family was enjoying dinner, Patrina’s father started a conversation with a newlywed couple sitting nearby. He asked: “If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it have been?”

“I wish it could have lasted two days,” the young wife smiled in reply.

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The father of the bride let out a sly smile to the room of friends and family before he said, “When you rephrase that… what she said was, ‘I wish it could last one day more.'”

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He then turned and queued the DJ to start up the music – at which point Patrina and Charlie looked a little confused. Suddenly, some of their old theater friends stood up, and the bride and groom knew something amazing was about to take place.

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What’s incredible is that these performers (with the exception of 2) were all from the couple’s high school choir. Most of the group, brought together by Patrina’s father after he saw the guest list, had not sung since high school!

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But they launched into the sweetest wedding flash mob we’ve ever seen – and one that certainly earned the standing ovation it received!

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And it meant the world to the bride and groom.

Friendship is something that is very special to my wife and I. We were very good friends before we decided to share our lives together and it is a crucial piece of our marriage. To know that these friendships are still this strong after over a decade, means the world to both of us. The flash mob was awesome, but the people that did it are what made it special.

Patrina Caruana

Check out the entire, heartfelt performance below and share this sweet act of friendship today!

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