Amputee Dog Enjoys Happy Reunion With Owner After Being Hit By A Car.

A dog and his owner enjoy a happy reunion after the dog was hit by a car and had a leg amputated.

It hasn’t been the easiest month for a dog named Supersport, who was recently hit by a car. A community member rushed the injured dog to the Austin Animal Center. Supersport had to have his leg amputated. Thankfully, they were able to find the pup’s owner, who rushed to the city shelter for a happy reunion with his now amputee dog.


Caramel-colored dog following surgery to amputate his right, rear leg, right before a happy reunion with his owner.
Image from Facebook.

With several broken bones and abrasions, Supersport needed immediate care. Unfortunately, that led to the amputation of his right rear leg at the hip. Sadly, the surgery and resulting aftercare were beyond the financial ability of Supersport’s dad. He is currently experiencing homelessness. As a result, Supersport’s dad relinquished ownership of his beloved pet in a selfless move. This permitted Austin Pets Alive! to provide the necessary surgery and follow-up care.

A Happy Amputee Dog Reunion

While the two will hopefully experience a more permanent happy reunion, they are happy to be visiting at the APA! shelter. As Supersport heals from the accident, his dad will continue to visit him daily. According to CBS Austin, APA! representatives said, “The joy and love in their reunion were unmistakable. Their smiles, a testament to their unbreakable bond, filled our clinic with hope and warmth. It’s unbearably heartbreaking to imagine what might have been, if Supersport being hit by a car had been the end.”

Recent amputee (wearing a cone of shame) looks up adoringly at his human dad visiting after his surgery.
Image from Facebook.

APA! is working to make it possible for Supersport’s dad to re-adopt him after healing. We are hoping that can happen because when that happens, it will be a really happy reunion! If you want to help Supersport or animals like him, you can donate to Austin Pets Alive! Programs like this don’t work without help from animal lovers. Please keep Supersport in your thoughts by sharing this heartwarming story with your friends.

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