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Man’s Cackling Laughter On Subway Ignites Hilarious Chain Reaction.

happiness coke experiment

Public transit is rarely ever described as enjoyable, fun, or even easy, but it’s a necessary mode of transportation for millions each day.

But every now and then something exciting does happen, like a dance crew boards or a man starts a dance party. Thankfully, for those of us who lack rhythm, grooving isn’t the only thing that puts a smile on commuters faces. We all know that yawning is contagious… so Coca-Cola set out to find out if laughing and happiness is also just as infectious. The results will have you giggling in your seat, too!


In the video below, a man boards a commuter train packed with people. He stands in the middle of the car with earbuds in and stares at a tablet. Suddenly, he starts to laugh. Then, he laughs harder and louder – and just keeps laughing.

Fellow commuters are seen looking at him in wonder (and maybe a little judgment). Then, as his laughter intensifies, smiles begin to creep across their faces.


The man is completely unphased by all the staring because he continues to laugh – hard – for quite a while. Soon enough, the onlookers’ smiles get bigger and eventually turn to laughter as well.



Are they laughing with him or at him, though? Actually, who cares?!

It doesn’t take much longer for the laughter and smiles to spread throughout the entire train car. They begin laughing hysterically. Even though no one knows what the man looking at the tablet is even laughing about, one by one, they can’t contain their own giggles.

coca-cola happiness

The video ends with a simple message: Happiness starts with a smile.

Check out the experiment in the video below – we dare you not to laugh! Be sure to spread the love and laughter by sharing with your friends.

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