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Ham Porter From “Sandlot” Is All Grown Up & Leading A Dancing Dad Trio

Dancing Dad Trio

If you’ve been wondering what Ham Porter from Sandlot has been up to, we have the answer. He’s raising a beautiful family in California. And in his spare time, he leads a dancing dad trio.

Ham’s actor, Patrick Renna, runs a truly delightful Instagram account filled with hilarious videos that showcase his witty sense of humor and wholesome photos of the two boys that keep him and his wife, Jasmin, busy.

Patrick’s eldest is appropriately into baseball, and his dad is right by his side for the games and practices. As all sports parents know, that takes the majority of his days. But, he still makes time for himself—and his dancing dad trio.

Patrick has created an Instagram series of sorts that shows off his dancing and choreographing skills, and the videos are fantastic. We got caught up scrolling through his feed so we could see them all. You can watch one of the most recent routines below.

Patrick Renna performs to all the current bangers with two of his good friends, and they’re all pretty good. Most importantly, the videos are funny and light-hearted. And we’re not the only ones who are getting a kick out of them.

“Oh, you’re killing me Smalls 😍! I loved it!” a fan wrote under one of the videos.

“Just watched that 11 times and I’m nowhere close to stopping,” admitted another.

“I’m glad I found this page, where has it been all my life !!!” someone cheered, and honestly, we thought the same thing when we stumbled upon it!

“Love it!!!!!!! Guys sweet moves!!!!!” gushed a follower.

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