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frances terrence wedding

Groom Sings Bride Down The Aisle & His Voice Will Make You Swoon.

We’ve all grown up with the same concept of a traditional wedding: As “Wedding March” begins to play, the beaming bride slowly walks arm in arm down the aisle with her father.

When they reach the altar, the ceremony begins. But when Terence Lelis and Frances Francisco got married last year in the Philippines, they decided to add a more personal touch.

terrence and frances

After meeting online in 2012, the couple managed to survive the rigors of a long-distance relationship for four long years, filled with endless Skype calls and exhausting flights. When the wedding rolled around, it just didn’t seem right to stick with a stuffy tradition just because it was expected.

For one, Frances started the march alone…

bride walking up steps

As she enters through the sheer curtains and sees Terence standing before her, she’s overcome with emotion and the tears start flowing. She knew this was coming, and thankfully has a tissue on hand!

frances crying

Soon, she’s joined by both of her parents, who have probably been waiting for this day since Frances was a little girl. Solemnly, they link their arms through hers and faithfully escort their beautiful daughter to the altar and the waiting groom.

frances with parents

But it’s the groom himself who provides the most incredibly touching element to this wedding, which was held at Hill Creek Gardens in Tagaytay.

Traditionally, grooms stand at the altar and silently watch as their beloved approaches, but Terence’s heart is overflowing with love, and that’s just not his style.

terrence sings bride

He takes an active role in the whole process by foregoing the traditional “Wedding March” song and singing himself. His incredible voice will stun you not only for the love it radiates but also because he remains so steadfast and composed, despite the important performance he’s putting on.

And what song does he choose? Westlife’s “Beautiful In White,” which is entirely appropriate for this occasion because Frances is nothing short of stunning!

Watch the entire heart-melting procession in the clip below, and share to spread the love.