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Bride Sings Carrie Underwood Down Aisle & Emotional Groom Can’t Stop Weeping At Lyrics.

Every wedding ceremony is special in its own way, but when a bride or groom shares a special talent with their loved ones, emotions run even higher than usual.

At the 2013 wedding of Illinois couple Ryan and Arianna Pflederer, the bride decided to surprise the groom with a special song that meant a lot to the two of them. As soon as the first strains of the song reached him at the altar, the groom was so moved, he immediately started to weep.

Ryan and Arianna are YouTubers who share a lot of their lives on their vlog. They’ve now been married for five years, and they have two adorable daughters named Revelynne and Aerilee.


They clearly love each other very much, and that love was on full display on their wedding day, when Arianna appeared at the back of the church with a surprise for Ryan that he will never forget.


As the audience watched with sweet anticipation, Arianna started to sing in a clear, strong, beautiful voice. She chose the song “Every Time You Look At Me” by Carrie Underwood, and her voice is perfectly suited to the tune.

Darling look at me
I’ve fallen like a fool for you
Darling can’t you see
I’d do anything you want me to
I tell myself I’m in too deep
Then I fall a little farther
Every time you look at me”


Ryan could not contain the emotional tears as he listened to his bride serenade him. He exchanged a meaningful glance with his groomsmen, and the feeling of love is so strong, you can feel it straight through the video.


Arianna continued to sing as she walked slowly down the aisle towards Ryan. You can see their family members discreetly wiping away tears of their own. The song and the moment are incredibly moving.


By the time Arianna reaches the altar, there isn’t a dry eye in the house! What a wonderful moment, and a loving tribute for Arianna to pay her future husband.

Grab a tissue and watch the video below, and don’t forget to share it with someone who understands the power of true love.

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