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Grieving Sister’s Journal Finds Life Of Its Own When Strangers Start Filling The Pages

a photo of jonathan on the ground next to a photo of a journal entry from strangers to jonathan

Losing a brother is never easy. When the death comes unexpectedly when he was only 19 years old, it is that much worse. For Rebecca Fielding, the death of her brother, Jonathan Fielding, on January 27, 2024, was shocking. She decided that his journey didn’t have to end there, though. In remembrance of her late brother, she began a journal and placed it at the location of his death.

a photo of jonathan on the ground near a rock
Image from Facebook.

While Jonathan’s death may cause sad tears, some happy tears are in the mix. Jonathan died doing what he loved: photographing friends and scenery at Moon Overlook, near Torrey, Utah. While trying to get “the perfect shot,” the ground shifted under his feet, and Jonathan fell to his death. When Rebecca created the journal for her late brother, she placed it near the spot where he fell so that others might share their stories.

Jonathan was born and raised in Missouri and moved to southern Utah about a year earlier. He had a passion for exploration and loved seeing and photographing new places. All who knew him say he had a “wise soul.” He interacted with people individually, making each feel important. During the viewing, after only a year in Utah, the line was out the door and down the road! He was well-loved and made an enormous impact during his short life.

Image shows the first entry in a journal for Jonathan Fielding explaining how he died and the intent of the journal.
Image from Facebook.

In her late brother Jonathan’s journal, Rebecca explained who Jonathan was and what happened. She left the journal near Moon Overlook to keep his memory alive. As other hikers find the journal, they have added several entries. Some are part of a slideshow on TikTok and Facebook. The journal is now making its way around southern Utah. A Facebook group, Jonathan Fielding’s Journal Journey, helps people follow the journal.

A note to jonathan from a couple of strangers
Image from Facebook.

Late Brother’s Journal Makes An Impact

In a post on the Facebook group, a used describes her journal story: “After adding your picture and the note to carry on your journey I headed back East on Highway 24. In my travels back I passed a family walking along the road. It was a father and three children. I traveled another half mile or so … I turned around and offered them a ride. They had hiked down the wash and were parked a few miles east at Hickman Bridge. Grateful for the ride they accepted.”

Sherr Joy continued, adding that if she hadn’t found the journal, she would not have been where she was when she could help that family. Even in death, Jonathan’s memory is impacting life. His legacy lives on and will hopefully continue to inspire others to carry on in his name.

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