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Adorable Greyhound Has The Funniest Reaction To A “Scary” Halloween Story.

emma italian greyhound

For how small she is, Emma the Italian greyhound has a big personality.

All dogs have their own little quirks, but for whatever reason, certain words tend to set off seriously cute reactions from little Emma. Her particular triggers? Guava melon, Chihuahua, and mama. In the spirit of Halloween, her dad decided to incorporate two of these into a “scary” Halloween story.


“Once upon a time, in the deep, dark woods, there lived a little girl named Emma. But she was not alone in the deep, dark woods,” her dad starts out.

“Because also in these woods lived the evil Chihuahuas and the guava melons…”


‘NOT the GUAVA MELONS,’ Emma seems to say with her howls!

“And they would steal her treats and she would cry because she didn’t have any, and they would sing their song… ‘Guava, guava’… and she would cry for daddy to come save her.”


“And daddy would, and she would be okay.”


Daddy, or Bo Webb, had Emma for over 13 years before she, unfortunately, passed away.

Watch below to see (and hear) this sweet greyhound’s reaction to her bedtime story, which hopefully didn’t give her nightmares. According to Bo, she got plenty of treats after.

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