5-Yr-Old Hears About Selfless Firefighters And Sends Baby Yoda Gift To Comfort Them.

As firefighters continue to battle some of the worst wildfires in American history, a little boy named Carver wanted to make sure they know he’s thinking of them.

The thoughtful 5-year-old lives in Oregon, where many of the fires are still raging week after week. On a recent trip to the store, he spotted a Baby Yoda toy and knew just what to do with it!

His grandmother, Sasha Tinning, had taken him shopping to pick out donations for a firefighter supply drive. The doll, a character from Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” was the last of its kind on the shelf, and Carver instantly asked Sasha if he could get it for the firefighters. Why? Because he knew they could use a friend!

“They thought the firemen needed him,” said Tyler Eubanks, a family friend. “Carver wanted to put a smile on their faces, and [he] hope[d] giving Yoda a hug would bring them comfort when they are away from home.”

Carver added a handwritten note to his precious gift and placed it in the donation pile. “Thank you, firefighters,” it read. “Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely. Love, Carver.”

The supplies were delivered to Marcus Kauffman of the Oregon Department of Forestry, and it didn’t take long for Carver’s unique contribution to make a huge impact.

“The note travels with Baby Yoda, and it goes from fire to fire. So we just pass it around,” Marcus explained. “Baby Yoda is a source of light and the force in the world.”

The firefighters adore Baby Yoda! They decided right away to share the toy so everyone could get a chance to bask in his “light.”

“They thought it was so awesome,” Tyler said, “and [they] wanted to keep passing Yoda along.”

Soon, Tyler started a Facebook group to track Baby Yoda’s progress. So far, more than 12,000 people have followed the page to keep up with his journey from blaze to blaze.

Everyone was shocked to see how quickly this traveling Baby Yoda took off. In Tyler’s words, it’s “just like an actual wildfire.”

Not to mention, he said, “These men and woman are out there for weeks and months away from their families. It truly gives them something to smile about and be a part of.”

As for Carver, he’s thrilled to know that he’s touching the hearts of so many brave heroes on the front lines!

“These ash-covered firefighters, just covered from head to foot, holding this Baby Yoda. Every one of those pictures just makes my heart warm,” his grandma said. “He thought … if they needed a friend, because all of them are away from their families right now.”

Sometimes the best ideas come from the smallest members of our society. Way to go, Carver!

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