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15 Times Pets Were Decidedly Not The Masters Of Disguise.

One of the best things about pets is their ability to make us smile! Just watching a dog run around the backyard can give us an instant mood boost, which is why the internet is chock-full of pictures and videos of animals just being themselves. One of our favorite things is when pets think they are being sneaky by hiding from their humans. They seem to think that if they can’t see us, we can’t see them, but the pictures below prove that theory hilariously wrong.

1. Now where did that orange cat go? Has anyone seen him?

cat hiding behind table leg

In his defense, he blends in with his surroundings.

2. All we see is a plain white curtain. No smiling dog here!

dog hiding behind curtain

They’ll never find him.

3. When you go to the vet’s office you must improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

cat hiding in sink

He’s also up to no good.

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