10 Yrs After Family Went On Vacation, Grandparents Still Refuse To Give Back Cat.

grandpa keeps family cat

Animals have an uncanny way of wiggling their way into our hearts – even when we’re not big fans of them to begin with, or when, technically, they’re not ours.


A perfect example comes from Redditor erkah147. During a visit to a local shelter around the holidays, a long-haired tabby charmed her way into her and her mom’s hearts. They couldn’t help but take the little guy home. The tiny kitten, named Tiger, was sickly and scrawny, but with the love of the entire family, he was soon back to perfect health.


Eventually, though, the family had to part ways with the cat as they went on vacation. Tiger was left in erkah147’s grandparents’ care.

But that was 10 years ago… and they still haven’t gotten Tiger back.


Apparently, Grandma and Grandpa had taken on pet-sitting duties in the past, but Grandpa never seemed especially interested in any of the furry residents until Tiger came along.

The big, fuzzy lug was immediately drawn to him and his comfortable lap and loved nothing more than curling up in a ball and purring away. How could anyone not fall in love with such an affectionate cat?


Tiger may have gotten up there in years, but it appears he hadn’t lost that same old charm that had gotten him out of the shelter.

“Their bond is very tight. Wherever my grandpa is, Tiger is with him, either on his lap or sleeping right beside him,”erkah147 said. “He really brings a lot of joy to their lives.”


When they returned from vacation, erkah147 couldn’t help but notice the strong bond between Tiger and her grandparents, who were able to give him the kind of attention he obviously craved.

The family still visits Tiger at his new home, and training sessions are going well: Grandma and Grandpa know when he wants them to turn on the bathroom faucet…


And when he wants a tuna snack: “I’ll walk in the house and hear him coming down the stairs around the corner going ‘meow meow meow’ down each step,”erkah147 writes.

The eyes, as they say, are the windows to the soul. And this soul wants tuna.


It’s wonderful that fluffy Tiger found his furever family! Share to spread awareness that adopting, not shopping, is often the way to find the most loveable pets.

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