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Grandmother Busts Into Hysterical Laughter As Grandkids Show Her How To “Face Swap”.

Technology evolves so quickly, it’s truly difficult to keep up.

Do you remember the first time you saw a “Face Swap” on the internet? You probably cracked up, because those apps are seriously funny. With a click of a button you can use your phone’s camera and swap faces with anything, from a supermodel to a statue of Abraham Lincoln! It’s really easy, and it’s almost always funny.

In a video that is going viral online, one grandmother who, try as she might, can’t keep up with the latest fads, gets introduced to face swapping, and her hilarious reaction has everyone in stitches!


Meet Nan, a lovely lady who has a YouTube channel where she has uploaded a few videos of herself experiencing life. She probably never dreamed that one of her videos would go viral like this!

When this video was made, Nan was just hanging out in her kitchen with her friends and grandchildren, when one of them pulled out a face swapping app and started playing around. Nan’s mind was totally blown as her face was swapped out with… this one:


Is that… George Clooney? Either way, Nan can’t stop howling at the sight of her new face. Just when she’s started to gather herself back together, someone tweaks her appearance yet again.

My, grandma… what big teeth you have!


When they put Nan’s face on Marilyn Monroe’s head, she cackles delightfully and says, “I think I look a bit better than her, to be honest.” We love a grandma with a great sense of humor!


Did we mention that Nan also has an adorable British accent? We hope that she adds more videos to her YouTube, because she’s a hoot!

Watch Nan discovering face swaps below, and be sure to share with someone who loves to laugh!

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