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Sports Reporter Is Oblivious As Excited Fan Puts On Hilarious Show Behind Him.

Sometimes, the most hilarious things happen right behind you — and you have no idea.

This is a common experience for newscasters in the field. Their job is to face forward, look at the camera, and tell the audience all the details. As a result, viewers are often aware of an even bigger story directly behind the newsperson that they themselves aren’t aware of.


Funny enough, that was the exact situation for a sports newscaster Keith Murphy.

While reporting on Northern Iowa’s dramatic upset win over Indiana State, an overeager Iowa fan appeared in the background.


The woman took full advantage of her brief on-camera cameo. We’re not sure if she was just happy to be on TV or if it was her way of celebrating the at-the-buzzer win of her beloved team.


After the first few seconds on film, it looks like she’s walking away, but she was far from done!

At one point, she falls to the ground in dramatic fashion, kicking her leg up and causing the newswoman back at the studio to burst into laughter.

But through it all, Keith was oblivious.


Perhaps what made the entire moment that much more surreal is that Keith kept describing the insanity of the overall Iowa fan reaction, and it fit perfectly with what was going on behind him.


It was all part of a day that Northern Iowa fans (and one flustered reporter) won’t soon forget. To see the video, click below.

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