15 Very “Important Animal Images” You Don’t Want To Miss

No matter how your day is going, looking at pictures of cute animals is an instant mood-booster.

There’s just something about them that puts a smile on our faces! The people behind the “Important Animal Images” Facebook page must feel the same way. They are pros at finding the funniest, strangest, and most shareable photos ever uploaded to the web. Perhaps that’s why they have almost 900,000 fans. Check out some of our favorite posts below!

1. It’s like the movie “Inception” in real life.

2. “You bite me in the face, you get the bowl. No exceptions.”

3. “Say ‘cheese,’ boy! Whoa, not like that.”

4. One of these corgis is over having their picture taken. Guess which one.

5. The cat has switched into turbo mode. Enter at your own risk.

6. All parents can relate to the “I’ve made a huge mistake” look this mama cat is giving us.

7. Who wore it better? As if we even need to ask!

8. Just an alpaca wearing an alpaca fiber hat. Eat your hearts out, sheep; you’re obsolete.

9. Meet the Easter Bunny’s lesser-known cousin, Brad.

10. Is she single? She looks just like our type!

11. Ooh la la, somebody’s fancy.

12. The perfect birthday photo doesn’t exist. Oh, wait, we stand corrected.

13. When you see his sweet face, you can almost forget he’ll grow up to weigh 700 pounds.

14. “Well, it’s about time you got here with my dinner!”

15. We’re not sure what’s so funny, but we’re laughing anyway!

We don’t know about you, but we feel much better after seeing these extremely important animal images. These furry little ones make the world a more amusing and enjoyable place to be.

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