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Grandma “Finds” Ultrasound Photo In Her Menu At Texas Roadhouse For The Sweetest Reason

A grandma holds up an ultrasound photo she found in her menu.

One couple came up with the most hilarious and creative pregnancy reveal any Texas Roadhouse has ever seen! Marissa Mero caught the special moment on camera when she went to dinner with her husband and her baby’s future grandparents. After the family sat down, Grandma was surprised and confused to find an ultrasound photo in her menu. She couldn’t fathom who would leave something so important behind!

“Somebody forgot their baby picture,” she said, holding up the image for everyone to see.

Marissa and her partner feigned surprise while trying to prompt Grandma to dig a little deeper into the identity of the mystery baby. It didn’t occur to the older woman right away that the photo in the Texas Roadhouse menu could be part of an elaborate pregnancy reveal.


Telling my parents I’m pregnant at Texas Roadhouse while on vacation with our 6 month old 😂 #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement

♬ original sound – Marissa Mero

“That’s weird,” Marissa responded. “Is there a name on it or something?”

That’s when the grandparents-to-be figured it out. There was a name on the ultrasound image: Marissa Mero! The elderly couple was overjoyed when they realized what was going on. Everyone at the table had a good laugh after the unusual pregnancy announcement.

This pregnancy reveal idea is too sweet!

The heartwarming video has received over four million views. Commenters loved the couple’s creative pregnancy reveal at Texas Roadhouse. However, a few noticed something very funny about Grandpa’s response.

“Dad immediately moving it out of the way so he can see his menu,” one person joked.

Marissa replied, “It’s the ‘good news!’ then back to the menu for me.”

A grandma holds up an ultrasound photo she found in her menu.
Screengrab from TikTok

Before informing the grandparents-to-be, this mom also found a very creative way to tell her husband about the baby. Although it didn’t take place at Texas Roadhouse, this pregnancy reveal video was also pretty cool! First, Marissa made her partner close his eyes and take off his hat. Then, she replaced it with a baseball cap that read, “Daddy.” It worked like a charm — this man knew right away he was going to be a father, and he couldn’t have been more excited!

However you deliver the news, one thing’s for sure: a pregnancy announcement is truly special! We’re sure these grandparents will never forget their Texas Roadhouse experience.

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