Grandma Finds Beautiful Way To Show Transgender Grandchild She’ll Always Love Him

A two-photo collage. The first shows an altered Raggedy Ann doll sits on Gabe's lap. The second image shows a close up of that same doll. A stitched heart surrounds words that say: I love Gabe.

Telling someone you love that you’re transgender can be scary, especially if you don’t know how they’ll react. Luckily, this grandmother continues to go out of her way to make sure her trans grandchild, Gabe, knows that he is loved. In fact, Gabe shared details about one of her caring gestures online, and it went viral!

Growing up, Gabe adored the Raggedy Ann doll his grandmother gave him. Not only was the doll itself cute, but it included a heart that was embroidered with his name. Once Gabe came out as transgender, however, he changed his name. This inspired his grandma to secretly adjust the beloved doll to better reflect who he is today.

An altered Raggedy Ann doll sits on Gabe's lap.

Trans Grandchild Gets Best Christmas Present Ever!

“This Christmas my Grandmother borrowed it and gave it back, now with pants, shorter hair, and my new name sewn in place,” Gabe shares. “He’s trans, like me.”

Turns out, this isn’t the first time Grandma has found a clever way to affirm Gabe’s identity. She’s also gotten him an engraved pocketknife and a silly t-shirt that reads, “I’m Gabe doing Gabe things.”

Close up of the altered Raggedy Ann trans grandchild, Gabe, got for Christmas. A stitched heart surrounds words that say: I love Gabe.

These small gestures are anything but for Gabe — they’re reminders that his past, current, and future selves are fully and wholly loved, no exceptions. This message is one that continues to resonate with folks who comes across this wholesome post, no matter how much or little they relate to this trans grandchild.

“If only EVERYONE was this supportive!” one person shares. “So great, incredibly thoughtful, and amazingly empathetic!”

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