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Grandpa Has An… Interesting Sense Of Humor!

Grandpa jokes can be awesome or awful.

If you were lucky enough to know your grandpa, the chances are good that you have fond memories of him. My step-dad, aka Grandpa Jim to my kid, was a hoot. Whenever he gave you instructions, he would ask, “Got it?” The only acceptable answer was to respond with, “Got it!” Then he would respond, “Good, hang onto it.” Howls of laughter followed that because that was his funniest joke. When he laughed, everyone laughed because his laugh was infectious.

When a grandpa has a joke, he delivers it with a flourish. The humor is sometimes non-existent, but other times, it can be truly hilarious. We found some funny grandpa jokes and moments to share with you. Enjoy.

1. Join The Happy Grandpa

Some grandpas are tech wizards, and they share their jokes on TikTok. The Happy Grandpa on TikTok is one of many who have embraced the internet to ply their humor. And halo to you, too!

2. More Of The Happy Grandpa, With An Actual Wizard Joke This Time

This one combines something the kids like with a favorite pastime for Grandpa.

3. Another Serial Jokester

James Penfold is another tech-savvy senior with a TikTok channel full of dad jokes told by a grandpa. His delivery could probably use some work, but his jokes are groaningly humorous.

4. A Small Town Rabbi Delivering A Sermon To “Remember…”

Can you say, “Oops.” This Rabbi learned a valuable lesson during his own sermon.

5. The Very Cool Grandpa Boasts 7 Million Cool Grandchildren!

This grandpa doesn’t tell jokes, but he does act out skits. Most of his skits revolve around what life is like as a teenager, seen through a grandpa’s eyes. What happens when a teen finds themselves home alone? The Very Cool Grandpa knows.

6. When Grandpa Goes To The Doctor…

The prognosis might not be what you were expecting.

7. He’s Been Laughing At His Own Joke For A Year!

When a Hispanic grandpa makes a joke about his grandson’s birthmark proving his ethnic heritage (the child has a black father), he can’t stop laughing. His family says that Grandpa has been laughing uncontrollably for a year so far.


I had to repost this 😂😂😂😂 my grandpa dying at his own joke 😂😂😭 #family #comedy #fyp #jokes #grandparents

♬ original sound – Donisha Garcia

8. Grandpa Stays Physically Fit At The Gym

While at the gym, this grandpa was having a little fun with one of the ladies working out there.

9. Grandpa’s Memory Ain’t What It Used To Be

In the middle of singing birthday wishes, this grandpa apparently forgot the words.

10. This Is A Practical Grandpa!

When questioned about his reason for updating his phone, this grandpa shocked the questioner with his frank answer.

Whether they’re telling silly jokes or just being grumpy old men, grandpas are special people. If you still have yours, visit them every chance you get. Laugh at their corny jokes. If you find yourself missing your grandpa, check out some of the ones we found online telling grandpa jokes and sharing their grandfatherly wisdom and wit. Share this with any of your friends who need a friendly grandpa in their lives.

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