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Mom Shows Off Hilarious Helmet-Wearing Kitty & Proof He Loves Wearing It

Left image shows a grey cat knocking his helmet off the coffee table. Right image shows the cat sliding into his hamster-ball style helmet.

Many of us remember the story of Otter, the little cat with a custom helmet to protect his brain. Another man used a helmet similar to a hamster ball to keep his cat from biting during grooming. There are even special motorcycle helmets for kitties living daring two-wheeled lives! Most animals require the assistance of their owners to get into whatever type of helmet they have, but not this little guy!

Goose is a handsome little grey kitty. When he wears his little hamster-ball helmet, his mom calls him AstroGoose. He does resemble an astronaut. And he is so fond of his little helmet that he runs right back to it when his mom removes it.

Left image shows a human removing a hamster-ball type helmet from a grey cat. Right images shows the cat sliding right back into the helmet.
Images from TikTok.

It doesn’t matter where his cat helmet is; when Goose wants it, he grabs it and puts himself inside the safe space. He seems quite adept at helping himself.

Goose lives with owner Jessica Houserr and two cat siblings, Jägermeister and Peach. Jessica thinks Goose feels safe in the helmet, which is entirely possible. Whatever the reason, Goose is adorable in his tiny cat helmet. And at least it’s not a watermelon helmet.

But your cat could have a superhero helmet. If your family bicycles, be like Ginger with a custom bicycle helmet. This little guy seems apprehensive about his brand-new pineapple helmet, but at least it isn’t a crocheted frog beanie.

That cat looks a bit unhappy and uncomfortable in the frog beanie. However, this tough little biker dude loves adventure and riding with his dad on the motorcycle. There are several videos with this duo traveling together.

Left image shows a grey cat modeling a leather jacket and motorcycle helmet on a pool table. Right image shows the same cat dressed for a ride with his human on a motorcycle.
Images from TikTok here and here.

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