Grandkids Give Grandpa The Perfect Gift After Grandma Passes Away.

man hugging teddy bear

Grab the tissues. These grandkids just got Grandpa the most perfect gift ever, but this teddy bear is a serious tearjerker.


Grandpa’s love passed away only two months prior to Christmas, in October of 2023. After a lifetime of love, the grief that comes with losing your partner can feel insurmountable.

grandpa holding teddy bear
This image is from TikTok.

These grandkids wanted to give their grandpa a gift that would help to keep his love’s spirit alive. They decided to get Grandpa the perfect, most precious gift ever: a teddy bear that says, “Have a nice day, baby. I love you,” in the voice of his beloved.

When Grandpa heard the teddy bear speak, he was immediately overwhelmed. He smiled a big smile and then began to cry, uttering a soft “Thank you” to his thoughtful grandkids.

“You can tell he needed that,” commented one of the hundreds of thousands of viewers of the emotional clip.

“He replayed her image in his head after he heard those words,” observed another commenter.

This video is seriously powerful. Grief can be overwhelming, but love and family are surefire ways to help ease the pain. Check out this clip of Grandpa receiving the most perfect teddy bear gift ever, below!


this is what christmas is all about 🤍 @Build-A-Bear

♬ To be loved Is to be changed – gosiahballer

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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