Grieving Child Discovers Heart-Wrenchingly Beautiful Note 6 Months After Losing Their Mom To Cancer.

A note from a Reddit user's late mom, who passed away from cancer.

It’s always hard to lose a loved one, but one person has found comfort in a handwritten note from their late mom. The elderly woman had passed away from cancer in 2020, but it wasn’t until much later that her family discovered the message she’d left behind. According to her child’s post on Reddit, they found the note tucked inside one of her books. Her words have us tearing up!

“Every time the wind blows, listen and you will hear my song,” reads the letter. “Y’all are the wind beneath my wings forever. If you’re sad, hear me in the wind.”

A note from a Reddit user's late mom, who passed away from cancer.

This loving note from Mom also urges her children to remember her, but not to dwell on the loss.

“Take comfort from the beautiful memories,” she writes. “But don’t grieve. That would make me sad. Get on with living! Soon, real soon, get back to living. That’s important to me. Take care of Dad and each other.”

There was also a mystery inside Mom’s note!

Along with the message from their late mom, the Reddit user noticed a pair of mysterious illustrations. They appear to be crosses, complete with dimensions. Many commenters on the post were intrigued by the drawings, but one in particular had an idea of what they might represent.

“The measurements look like a headstone or a sign you’d put in a garden,” the person wrote.

Apparently, this was just the clue the grieving family was looking for.

“Now that you’ve said that, it makes a lot of sense,” the original poster replied. “It’s a memorial marker for where she wanted her ashes spread on our land. Thank you for pointing that out!”

What a beautiful reminder to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. After her passing, this mom’s note for her family means the world to them!

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