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Got 5 Minutes? Take A Virtual Tour Of The World’s Coolest Natural Wonders.

incredible and rare natural events

Video is one of the greatest gifts ever given to armchair adventurers!

YouTube channel Hollows shared a compilation video of some of the most unusual and incredible natural phenomena in the world. We’re talking the rarest of the rare, from millions of glow worms lighting up the deepest cave to a mysterious mud volcano in Trinidad and an ethereal waterfall of clouds in Australia. In less than five minutes, the viewer is invited along on an epic journey to visit little-seen areas of the Earth, observing unusual moments and weather incidents normally reserved for adventurers and scientists. In seconds, it’s clear to see why this video has amassed 10 million views!

Strap on your virtual hiking boots and take a look at the “one in a billion” moments in nature. And we hate to travel alone, so don’t forget to share with a friend or two!

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