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Mysterious Doll Couple Moves Into Man’s Mailbox… And He Has No Idea How Or Why.

Don Powell standing by his mailbox /dollhouse

A Michigan man recently discovered that if your mailbox looks like a house, you can’t be surprised if someone takes up residency.

Don and Nancy Powell moved into their modern home in Orchard Lake, Michigan about five years ago. Don admits he loves a bit of whimsy, so one of the first things they did was buy a mailbox that looks just like their house. Little did he know that the empty replica would be too tempting for a doll couple to resist!

One spring day, Don went out to get the mail and found a pair of homemade dolls inside. There was also a puzzling note: “We’ve decided to live here,” it read. “Mary and Shelley.”

Previously, the inside of the mailbox was large and empty. Now, Mary and Shelley sat on a tiny sofa with a table nearby. Don must have thought he was being pranked! He went door-to-door to ask his neighbors, but no one knew anything about the mysterious dolls living in his mailbox.

Don thought about throwing the dolls out, but something inside him told him not to. That turned out to be a good idea, because soon the dolls got even more comfortable!

Artwork appeared on the walls along with throw rugs, blankets, and more furniture. Mary and Shelley even got themselves a dog. Although he was no closer to solving the mystery, Don started to get a big kick out of seeing what the dolls would add next.

One day, he turned to social media site Nextdoor to see if anyone local had ideas about the dolls’ owners. No one did, but people were so delighted by the story that Don became a regular poster. Every holiday, he’d share the dolls’ new costumes, decorations, Christmas gifts, and other details that appeared in his mailbox.

“The response (on Nextdoor) was just incredible,” Don said. “People were saying, ‘This is so much fun to read, I was ready to get off of Nextdoor, but this makes me want to stay.'”

Don and Nancy are still no closer to figuring out who’s behind the mailbox shenanigans, but they’re enjoying the whimsy nonetheless. Nancy says it’s a “good positive thing, especially during these crazy times,” and Don couldn’t agree more.

“I’m kind of enjoying the mystery,” he said. “I look forward to new things being added to the mailbox.”

We hope they never solve this mystery! It’s much more fun not knowing who’s behind it, don’t you think?

How would you like it if dolls started living in your mailbox? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share.

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