Golfers Share Mesmerizing Clip Of Kangaroos “Stampeding” Across Golf Course

Kangaroos stampeding across a golf course in Victoria, Australia.

In a video posted on X (Twitter) by user Stephen Roche, hundreds of kangaroos stampede across a golf course. Stephen witnessed the incredible sight firsthand while playing a round at the Heritage Golf & Country Club in Victoria, Australia. The kangaroos came streaming across the golf course at breakneck speed.

There are two courses at Heritage Golf & Country Club: St John’s and the Henley. Stephen was playing the fourth hole on St. John’s when he saw the herd racing across the golf course. Kangaroos are frequently seen on golf courses, but typically only one or two per sighting. The sheer number of kangaroos has people stymied.

A stampede of kangaroos speeding across a golf course at Heritage Golf & Country Club in Victoria, Australia.
Image from X (Twitter).

In a comment under the original post, another golfer posted another video of the stampede from a different angle. X (Twitter) user Michael McCarthy stated that he was in a different area on the golf course when the kangaroos played through.

Surprisingly, the sure-footed kangaroos left very little in the way of a visible “footprint” on the golf course. According to comments under the video post, there was no damage to the fairways and greens. The only visible sign of the stampede was in the bunkers (sand traps), where they disturbed the sand. Golfers waited a few minutes for the stampede to play through, but play resumed after with no issues.

Kangaroos stampeding through a bunker on a golf course.
Image from X (Twitter).

The St. John is a “signature” golf course originally designed by Jack Nicklaus. It first opened on November 30, 2000, in the Yarra Valley. The course is open all year, but golfers may have to wait up to 36 hours to play after a significant rain. The golf course hosts the annual Heritage Classic on the PGA Australia Tour.

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