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Goldfish Mysteriously Appears On Doctor’s Lawn With “No Ponds Anywhere Near” — And Still Alive

An orange goldfish laying on a grassy lawn.

A doctor in Newcastle, England, recently posted a photo that still has the internet puzzled: an abandoned goldfish lying on his lawn! 33-year-old Dr. Ben Beska was extremely confused when he found the literal fish out of water in his backyard. As he explained in a social media post, he didn’t know of any ponds near his home. He had no idea how the goldfish ended up in the grass, nor how the animal was still alive! However, he did know it was up to him to rescue this poor goldfish.

“So today I found a goldfish just on the grass in my back garden,” Dr. Beska wrote in his social media post. “It was alive, I think, and have absolutely no idea where it came from. There’s no ponds anywhere near. So I took it inside…”

He included a picture of the goldfish on his lawn before the rescue. This post has received over 24 million views from equally perplexed users.

Dr. Beska spoke to the BBC about his new pet. When he initially found the goldfish on the lawn, he rushed the animal into the most suitable container of water he could scare up. This happened to be a freezer drawer. However, once the urgent part of the goldfish rescue was over, he immediately went out and bought a more sustainable tank.

“I locked my cats out of the kitchen, obviously, I didn’t want them to eat it, that would have been a terrible end to the story,” the man said.

After getting the fish situated, Dr. Beska decided to name her Alice. Apparently, he’d texted a friend about the goldfish on his lawn, intending to write “it’s alive.” Instead, though, his phone autocorrected this to “it’s alice.” So, that became her name!

The internet can’t stop talking about this mysterious goldfish.

One thing that surprised Dr. Beska was just how many people were invested in the social media post he made about the goldfish he discovered on his lawn.

An orange goldfish laying on a grassy lawn.

“It’s been quite funny, some of the comments are quite funny and about 1,000 people said they thought a bird dropped it,” he told the BBC.

In fact, he received this type of comment so often that he started to get a little tongue-in-cheek with his responses.

“No it walked into my garden,” he replied to one user. To another, he wrote, “no sorry you’re wrong fish often walk wild in the enclosed back gardens of Northumberland.”

However this goldfish ended up on the man’s lawn, we’re so glad that he decided to rescue her. Now, Alice has a beautiful new home!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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