Golden Retriever Warms Hearts As He Packs Owner’s Suitcase With His Toys.

A golden Retriever helps his mom by packing his own toys in her suitcase.

Going on trips is a fact of life. Sometimes, they are solo business trips that we can’t avoid. Other times, they are family trips that include everyone. We’re unsure what type of trip this mom was planning, but her golden retriever had some ideas about what goes into her suitcase.

The scene opens in the bedroom with a backpack and a suitcase laid out. In walks the family pet with his favorite toy clenched in his mouth. You hear the dog mom giggling in the background, wondering what her pup is up to.

golden retriever holding a teddy bear in his mouth over a suitcase
Image from TikTok.

It’s pretty obvious to us. This guy doesn’t want to be left behind. He is helping his mom pack the important things you need for a family trip.

golden retriever placing a teddy bear in a suitcase
Image from TikTok.

He deliberately places his stuffed teddy bear into the suitcase like he knows how to pack! Mom laughs and asks her happy boy, “What are you doing?” As the golden retriever finishes placing his toy in the suitcase, he turns to give his mom a look that speaks volumes. “You can’t leave without me, Mom. I’m helping you pack!”

golden retriever standing over a suitcase with a teddy bear inside
Image from TikTok.

This is a golden retriever that knows what it means when the suitcases come out. Our dogs are a part of our family. They want to be included in everything we do. You can watch the hilarious packing adventure below.

When I was a kid, our family went camping. My dad would pull the trailer out into the driveway to start packing it. Our family dog had his own routine. Laying under the tongue of the trailer, he would not move until the loading was complete. When we kids piled into the van, he would jump in beside us.

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