Alaska Is A Different World: See Bald Eagle Catch Tossed Fish In Midair.

Left image is a stock photo of a bald eagle. Right image is a bald eagle flying after catching a fish tossed from a boat in Alaska.

Before we discuss this footage, we need to say that you should not feed wildlife. We don’t condone this action. That said, this appears to be in a very remote area of the Alaskan wilderness, and at no point are any of the people or the eagle in danger. The bald eagle is the symbol of America. This majestic bird is found along waterways, including lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and coastal regions.

In this clip, you will see an adult and a child holding up fish, attempting to coax a bald eagle to fly toward their boat. The eagle rests in a conifer tree along the shoreline, but it is difficult to see until it takes flight.

people holding up fish
Image from TikTok.

Once the eagle takes flight, the man watches it approach the boat, poised to toss the fish he is holding. When the majestic bird gets close, the man tosses the fish out and away from the boat. The eagle makes a slight adjustment in its flight as it sees the flying fish.

people toss fish
Image from TikTok.

It’s quick, and you’ll miss it if you blink, but the eagle deftly catches the tossed fish in its talons. You can see the fish dangling as the bald eagle flies away in triumph.

eagle catches fish
Image from TikTok.

As the bald eagle leaves with its prize, you can hear the father and son exclaim with wonder. It truly is an incredible sight to behold. We don’t know anything about this family. That includes being able to gauge the level of knowledge they possess about bald eagles. We also don’t know the frequency they do things like this.

Be Responsible To Help Preserve Bald Eagles

Although this was an amazing scene to watch, we must again encourage you not to make any attempt to replicate this experience. If you enjoyed watching, please share with your friends. There is an instance of a spoken word near the end of the video that is NSFW or to be heard by tiny ears.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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