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Affectionate Golden Retriever Stops Bike Thief In His Tracks — For A While, Anyway!

If you’ve ever met a golden retriever, you understand how this happens. A bike thief recently decided to help himself to a family’s electric bike in San Diego, California. The garage camera recorded the entire incident. The scene opens with the thief entering the open garage and sizing up the electric bike. What happens next is sad but also hilarious.

The thief begins to roll the bike out of the garage but stops at the appearance of the family dog. The golden retriever speeds out like it is all business to protect its owner’s property. Unfortunately, the dog did the most golden retriever thing ever: it approached the thief and begged for pets and attention.

A bicycle thief stopped by the family dog.
Image from YouTube.

If you were a thief, you might think seeing a large dog racing toward you would create a fight-or-flight response. The thief might jump on the bike and race away, right? That didn’t happen. Instead, this bike thief acted like he was returning the bike, carefully placing it back in the previous parking spot and parking it on the kickstand.

What happened next was an incredible interaction between the man and the “guard dog.” With tail wagging, the golden retriever approached the bike thief, who turned and beckoned the dog for some ear scritches. After a few head pets and ear scratches, the dog happily exposed a belly that was ready for some rubbing.

Golden retriever "guard dog" getting belly rubs.
Image from YouTube.

Muttering sweet nothings to the dog and telling him what a good boy he is, the thief gives extra special puppy loving. The dog is absolutely enjoying the exchange and is sad to see the thief bid adieu. But alas, remembering his task, the thief gets up and grabs the bike again to head out with his prize as the golden retriever stares wistfully, watching him leave.

The black 2019 Electra 3-speed bike is estimated at around $1,300. The incident serves as a reminder that even if you have a dog, closing your garage door is still a good idea. The thief had not been apprehended at this time, but his photo from the security camera footage was circulated on social media.

Watch the hilarious episode of a golden being a golden here:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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